The World Game, But Not If You Live In Singapore!

Football is the national game of Singapore, yet at the present time it looks like in June and July of this year this small nation will be a World Cup Free Zone.

The reason is simple the game’s governing body is currently reported as asking for $40 million for the complete 64 match package. In 2006 Starhub reportedly paid $15million for the rights.

This price hike is too much to bear for the small nation and the Government have said unless a consortium comes up with the money then no games may be shown live in Singapore.

Four years ago all of the residents chipped in with $25 to assist in paying for the rights, with the cost rising by $25Million in four years they are not likely to be asked to assist with hundreds of dollars per household.
So far 209 countries have secured the broadcast rights, which if they are, as we are lead to believe not dependent on country population that is a massive revenue raiser for FIFA.

Surely if it is “the greatest show on earth” you need to make it available to as many people on earth to make such a claim?

The World Game, But Not If You Live In Singapore!
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