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A few weeks ago we had a pop at the Perth Glory for using negatives quotes about their own playing staff on their club website. Sadly it seems lessons have failed to be learned.

Yesterday Coach Dave Mitchell announced that he was ‘stepping up’ and that assistant coach Ian Ferguson would be taking over. All fine in the scheme of things, but it is never good news when a club’s coach steps down, unless it is at the end of a successful season.

It is common knowledge that in today’s world your website is the ‘window to your business.’ Which means that whatever you put up on the website reflects the product that you are trying to promote. You would therefore in this case want to spin the story to make it as positive as you possibly can.

First of all with the Club’s media manager at the Press conference one has to wonder why they use another media outlets story on their site. Then if they were going to do so, surely you would edit it and try and put a more positive spin on it.

Sportal’s Paul Barbieri’s piece is fine for a media outlet, but seems wrong for the clubs own website.
The opening sentence being: “David Mitchell has stepped down as Perth Glory coach with immediate effect, with former North Queensland coach Ian Ferguson to take control of the out-of form club starting with the clash against the Fury in Townsville.”

Surely, remembering the club wants to try and make this as positive as they can, it would have been better to have run something along the lines of : David Mitchell, has vacated his position as Perth Glory coach to move upstairs and take on a role as Director of Football, with immediate effect. His assistant Ian Ferguson will step up into the head coach role with his first game against his former club North Queensland Fury in Townsville on Friday.”

I mean seriously would you put up on your own website a comment such as “out-of form?”

The Window to Your Business
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  • October 13, 2010 at 11:36 am

    They don’t even write proper English on there.

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