The Times They are Changing – Part One

There are many people who have been critical of Football West’s planned state league reform, but as is so often the case many have not seen the proposed changes. Whether Football West should have opened these reforms up to one and all is open to debate, but we are not going to discuss that here.

First of all there is no doubt that the State’s Premier football competition needs reform. What is sad is that it was not done way back in 2004 when Football West was formed and when the A League was being hatched. People may well have been more open to it then as the winds of change were blowing through football across the country.

There is no doubt that these reforms have been put together with the best intentions, and with the aim of making the game more professional as well as making it more marketable and attractive to spectators. However one cannot help feeling that a few independent viewpoints should have been invited during the process, as the clubs have strong views and so too do Football West.

Some of the changes are questionable in terms of whether they are essential at this point in time, and others seem to be a payoff for bigger issues.

The Times They are Changing – Part One

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