The South Australia Experiment

News that the FFA are taking the Socceroos to Adelaide should warm the hearts of football fans outside of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as it shows the FFA have finally realised Australia is made up of more than three cities on the East coast.

However fans outside of those cities should watch with interest as to how much support the game against Serbia gains in Adelaide.

For years Adelaide had the right to say it was the home of football in Australia, they now have the chance to show the FFA that they are indeed a stronghold by flocking to the game in June. The response from the South Australian public will undoubtedly determine whether they are giving hosting rights again, but will also have an effect on whether cities like Perth are also given the opportunity down the track.

What is sad is that the game will be played at the Adelaide Oval. Football is never viewed at its best anywhere but at a rectangular venue. But hopefully those who realise that will see the bigger picture that is at stake.

WA were given the less than mouth-watering game against Indonesia and when the fans not surprisingly did not turn to Subiaco Oval went down the pecking order in terms of hosting international games. It is all about money, and if the FFA can host a game in Adelaide and make money from the venture then there is hope for the rest of Australia.

After waiting 53 years for the Socceroos to return to South Australia one woudl expect that the footballing public would attend in droves.

The South Australia Experiment
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