The Power of One at The Expense of Others?

Not only in WA are we witnessing the strong arm tactics of the sport that we do not mention as they desperately try to manoeuvre themselves into a position of control over all of the key stadia around the country. South Australia is about to either assist this grasp for power or repel it.

The sport we do not mention is exceptionally well run, but with the power of social media the internet and satellite television sports fans now have access to top sport from around the World. Be it basketball, cricket, football, rugby union and rugby league the best is readily available and likely to draw fans away from their code as all are truly international sports.

If they can control all of the venues they can restrict the progress of the other codes as was shown in their ‘assistance’ with Australia’s World Cup bid.

The South Australian Cricket Association Members vote to enter a partnership with the SANFL to share Adelaide Oval could see them ultimately hand power to a sport hell bent on protecting its patch with not a care about its competitors.

What is being played out in South Australia and Western Australia could determine the sporting landscape in Australia for many years to come.

The Power of One at The Expense of Others?
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