The Million Dollar Battle of the Codes

One thought on “The Million Dollar Battle of the Codes

  • March 18, 2016 at 7:41 am

    Would you give football money? This is an organisation that did not hold an AGM in the year it was supposed to and then when it did held it in virtual secret. The CEO may be leaving but it is the Board who are responsible for such things. If a Home of Football were actually necessary in the first place why not have one based in the North and one in the South rather than a central location. Do Football West honestly think schools in the South and North will travel for half an hour each way to play on their pitch? It has always been an ill conceived idea that always appeared more linked to ego than need or common sense.

    Hockey as you state has the AIS program based here, they play internationals here, and the best players in the country are based here. It makes sense that they should jump ahead of football. Also while football is becoming more and more elitist with the fees being charged to kids to play, hockey is trying to take their game to the suburbs where they do not have the facilities. Rather than holding out their hands and begging they have already money committed.

    It is very clear which is the more professional organisation, and I know who I would give my money to, and I am a football fan! I just cannot believe where the outgoing CEO and the Board of the last 7 years have taken the game.

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