The Announcement

At the call to arms Cup game between Perth Glory and the Western Australian state team, the CEO of Football West and the CEO of Perth Glory shook hands down on the pitch and the ground announcer said that this was to seal a partnership between the two. Yet on neither website has there been any information on this partnership. Can anyone shed any light on what this partnership means for football, or whether it was just the two CEO’s shaking hands prior to the game, in which case what was the relevance of that? Surely they can do that in the VIP area, as long as the rival captains shake hands on the pitch that is fine.

If there is a partnership that is being nutted out between the two, it does raise the issue of the Perth Glory CEO continuing in his role on the board of Football West. At last year’s Football West AGM he stepped back from the board as he was due to take on the role on the 1st of January. He does however still hold his board position, even though one would think that as CEO of Perth Glory he ‘holds an Official Position’ which disqualifies him from such a role.

Some may argue that it is not a position under the control of Football West, but it is the highest position possible in the club which is the pinnacle of football in this state, so must surely fall under that phrase in Football West’s constitution.

The most important thing at the moment is to try and find out more about this partnership and the benefits to football. It is important that the two work together and closer than the have in the past, so we welcome the announcement, but would like to know more.

The Announcement
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