Taking the Pip

Now there are many chauvinists alive and well in Australia, but regulars to “Not The FooTy Show” will know that not only do we cover Women’s achievements in sport, but we also acknowledge that on the world stage they have actually had more success than their male counterparts, so this criticism is not based on the sex of the writer.

It has been brought to our attention that in Saturday’s West Weekend supplement it must have been a quiet week at the office as they attempted to cobble together a pointless eleven pages on supposedly “The 100 Most Influential” people in Perth.

Having looked at the fluffy piece it seems more of a political piece keeping key people happy around town, namely politicians and advertisers in the paper.

What however amazed us was that the compiler of the list Ms Pip Christmass honestly believes that of the ten most influential people in sport in Western Australia seven are involved with one sport AFL. Talk about a myopic view of things! In fact that list could be stretched to eight if we include current Sports Minister Terry Waldron, who the head of one sporting organisation alleges he stated privately that his main interests are Cricket and AFL. That would certainly explain why he is pushing ahead with the stadium that AFL want rather than the one that is best for more than sport.

No wonder the newspaper struggles to cover other sports when it would appear few in their employ know that other Western Australian teams have not only successful players and administrators but also influence and respect interstate and internationally. IN fact we would challenge that outside of Western Australia and possibly Victoria most of these eight would be unknown.

We will congratulate Richard Burt the Racing and Gaming WA CEO and Cricket Australia Chairman Wally Edwards for cracking the list, as they were the only two to break the dominance of the one sport we do not mention, that novelty game played only in Australia.

Taking the Pip
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