Sydney Score Double Over Perth

Not only could Perth Glory not score against Sydney FC in their A league clash at the weekend, going down 2-0, but Sydney FC fans scored, while the Glory Fans stood and watched.

What are we talking about? Two Sydney FC fans, a male and a female were ejected from the ground after being ‘caught in an intimate act.’

If that really isn’t rubbing salt into the wounds of Glory fans we are not sure what is.

Sydney Score Double Over Perth
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2 thoughts on “Sydney Score Double Over Perth

  • November 22, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Wow Jim, you must have had a bad weekend!
    I have to admit I did hear the Baird and Vrteski comments, and I am sure they were genuine mistakes.
    I have to say that I tend to agree with you in relation to Fowler who has been very disappointing, and I agree he is a passenger, and have said so on this site.
    I am afaid I am not going to comment on points 4 or 5 as I think it best I let you air your view and leave it at that.
    I am sorry that you feel Fox’s coverage is not what it was, one thing i can assure you is that Simon is as passionate about the game as anyone, maybe he has his own frustrations at the moment, only he knows that.
    All I would sy is keep the faith!

  • November 22, 2010 at 10:09 am

    That sums up our season, Baird couldn’t score off the pitch let alone on it!

    I know you work for Fox Sports but yesterday they were dreadful.
    1. They – Slater – said Baird almost scored his first goal. He scored against Fury.
    2. Rudan and Slater said that Vrteski only played one game, when Ferguson gave him two!
    3. Cockerill said that Folwer has been outstanding – has he watched him each week? Especially yesterday when he did nothing for 90 mins. He is finished, and a complete waste of a player and the reason Glory struggle as they only have 9 effective players as him and Baird are rubbish.
    4. Mark Rudan is an idiot, the man is appaling on TV and can hardly speak english. We have a competition now to see how many words he makes up when he talks!
    5. Finally how embarrasing was it having those morons from the Shed on the pitch at half time and before the game. Great they go over there and raise money for charity, but they made Perth and Western Australia look like a bunch of hill billys! It was all very sad.
    Sorry but had to get it off my chest. Fox’s coverage this year has been the worst yet, and even Simon Hill seems tired of the game! Fox Sports FC is a complete waste of time now, as Rudan is unwatchable, as is Bosnich.

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