Super Smeltz!

Shane Smeltz, has already rewarded Perth Glory for making him their Marquee Player for the 2012 Hyundai A league with the goals that he has scored, especially the crucial ones in the run into and during the finals. That is why the strikers get the big bucks, and Smeltz has proved himself the best goalscorer in the Hyundai A League.

However what will have pleased fans, and no doubt everyone attached with the club is his undoubted commitment to the cause. This was never reflected more than in yesterday’s Grand Final against Brisbane Roar. Smeltz, had a sickening head clash with the Roar Captain Matt Smith in the first half, that left him bleeding heavily. He went off the pitch and was cleaned up and played on until eleven minutes from the end.

He was then taken to hospital where plastic surgeons inserted 50 stitches into his lip and nose. To have played on in such obvious discomfort and for so much more of the game is an outstanding effort and proves in an era where there are plenty, he is far from being a prima donna. In fact we are use that the pain of defeat and especially the manner of the defeat will have hurt more than the facial injuries!

We wish him a speedy recovery and congratulate him on a fantastic first season in the West.

Super Smeltz!
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One thought on “Super Smeltz!

  • April 23, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    I believe that Smith commited a foul by raisng his arm and should have been red carded

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