Stop Blaming Everyone Else

One thing that holds back football in Western Australia is the quickness of everyone to point the finger and complain, rather than stopping and assessing why things happen and on some occasions looking at their own house before opening their mouths.

At the Football West Gold Medal Dinner, I was amazed as one of the MC’s to be accosted by several people on a number of issues. One club, that only avoided relegation in the final two weeks of the season complaining to me that none of their players were in the top ten.

Then another club complained that on the highlights packages there was no footage of their team. It transpired that Football West had actually offered for four of their home games to be filmed, but the club was not prepared to erect a camera position for the cameras.

Another player complained that he had in his opinion scored at least two goals better than any in the top ten. Sadly Football West does not have unlimited funds to film every single game, so the best they can do is feature those that are filmed, which those of us who have been around for a lot longer feel is a great advancement on ten years ago.

The great thing about football, unlike some other sports is it reflects life, sometimes things don’t go your way, sometimes they seem unfair, but then there are the times when you get the bounce of a ball, that split second of luck that tips things in your favour. The key thing is you have to put yourself in that position to benefit from the luck.

Football West like all sports administrators has its failings, but to blame them for issues such as these is totally unreasonable. Before season 2011, take a look at what you can do to put your club and your players in a better position to win next year, rather than blame other people.

Stop Blaming Everyone Else
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