State Team or State League Team – That is the Question

There is no doubt that it is great to see the State football team playing again but looking at the squad that coach Peter Murphy has selected to play the Perth Glory next Wednesday raises a few questions; questions that were raised two years ago when Robbie Dunn was coach.

The first and main question is should this team not be called the WA State League team as opposed to the State team? After all the team is made up of the cream of the APB Football West State League.

What is the difference? It used to be that to represent Western Australia, you had to be an Australian resident that is the difference. This team is made up of several overseas players who are here on visitor’s visas and are playing football in the state league.

Whereas it is important that the team that plays against the Perth Glory give a good account of themselves, surely the state team should be promoting the best Western Australian talent. It should be an honour to represent Western Australia, and one that is limited to those who are eligible to play for the state.

With a state squad you would hope to see up and coming talent being rewarded with spots. With the team that has been selected we are looking at a squad that are in the main either side of thirty, which as coach Peter Murphy has stated, “when playing against the Glory you want players that can play at that level.”

The last time the two teams met Robbie Dunn gave Dean Evans a run, and he has since gone on to shine in the Perth Glory Youth team. Todd Howarth and Scott Bulloch both earned themselves contracts with the Glory on the back of strong performances. Yet it is unlikely that many of this team will in light of their ages.

If this fixture is to become a regular one, and it is to be a true State team, surely it should also showcase the young talent. A chance for those from the Glory Youth to pit themselves against the first team with a few older players alongside them

State Team or State League Team – That is the Question
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