Stakeholders to Have a Say?

Following the decision by Rugby WA CEO Vern Reid to not apply to have his contract renewed the board will be charged with finding a replacement. The same will happen at the Australian Rugby Union in coming weeks following John O’Neill’s resignation.

Finding the perfect man for the top job in any sport is virtually impossible as everyone will have an opinion on the job they have done/are doing, and will be able to find areas where they feel disgruntled.

It has always been the job of the various Boards to find the man or woman for the top job, and determine the salary package that they should receive, but should this continue to be the case?

Suggestions have been made in recent months that codes such as Rugby and Football should in fact have a short list drawn up by the Board, and a panel of interviewers brought together from all facets of the game, such as Junior development, Senior competitions, the Women’s game along with a member of the board, so that the stakeholders have more of a say in who is running their sport. Not that it happens too often in this day and age but it would ensure no jobs for the boys.

We thought that we would ask you for your opinion as to whether the Board should canvas the opinions of the stakeholders when making an appointment, or certainly before renewing an expiring contract.

Stakeholders to Have a Say?
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