Sporty Boris Gets a Thumbs Up

The debate of compulsory sport continues to rage in the wake of the Olympic Games, yet one would have thought that now of all times would be the time to re-introduce it.

Quite why compulsory sport was abolished in the first place is astounding. As a fitter population takes pressure off an under stress national health service, something many Western Governments should take into consideration.

It was interesting to hear in London that one of the reasons for Australia’s miserly medal haul at the Olympics was put down to the fact that the country now has one of the worst obesity records in the Western World. Many believing that the once sports dominant land down under was now full of couch potatoes and as a result had lost that competitive edge. With Australia’s recent sporting form in golf, tennis, cricket, football – losing to Scotland 3-0 at the time didn’t help, and their Olympic performances it was hard to raise an argument.

Back in London the Mayor the colourful Boris Johnson has weighed into the argument saying “I would like to see the regime I used to enjoy, I think it is proudly important for the happiness of this country that we have more sport in schools.” Unfortunately the British Prime Minister did not agree claiming such a move would be “box-ticking.”

Having grown up under the same routine as Boris, We agree with his sentiments in all Western Countries.

Sporty Boris Gets a Thumbs Up
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