Split Decision

Tomorrow Real Madrid will look to book their place in the final of the UEFA Champion’s League providing they can overcome Manchester City.

While the players will be looking to come out on top on the pitch, coach Zinedine Zidane will be looking to see if his wardrobe can withstand another 90 minutes of action.

When Real defeated Wolfsburg in the quarter finals of the same competition, it was noticed post match that Zidane had ripped the pants of his suit in the excitement. This was put down to a minor wardrobe malfunction. When his pants again decided to come away at the seams during the first leg of the semi final against Manchester City attention turned to the quality of his tailor and his own antics during the match.

Will Real Madrid fall apart at the seams against City or will it just be Zizou’s trousers? Or will both be intact at the end of the match? For those not so interested in the result there is now an added interest in the game!

Split Decision

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