Spirit of the game?

Fortunate to play in a corporate gold day this week, and as is the norm, it was a great day on the course, even though I spent more time exploring the flora and fauna alongside the fairway.

Is that not the idea of corporate days, to enjoy the camaraderie and meet new people?

This particular day saw one team come in 7 under par playing four ball ambrose, with all of them having handicaps of 27. One hell of a performance wouldn’t you say? It then transpired that two or three of them play two or three times every week, but on public courses so do not have official handicaps. This is of course within the rules to then give your handicap as the maximum 27.

One gentleman became very hot under the collar about the whole issue, saying that this made a mockery of the day. He too had a point.

Surely if you play as much as these gentlemen, you may not have an official handicap, but it is embarrassing to put down 27 and play to under 20? Does winning mean that much at a corporate golf day?

Then as for the guy who was so upset, again, a corporate day is surely not about winning. If you get a prize it is simply a bonus to a day out, one that is better than being stuck in an office?

Or have we misunderstood the spirit of the game?

Spirit of the game?
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