Something about a Pot and a Kettle

For so long the clubs in the state league football competition bleat that the governing body are not professional, and often the governing body deserves the criticism.

However it would be good if some of the clubs would get their own house in order. Case in point at one of the games at the weekend, the home team line up in the program was so far removed from that listed that unless you were a regular supporter you would have no idea who was playing. As was the case with one scout attending the game from over East.

This is doing the players a dis-service, as the player the said scout came to look at was not wearing the shirt listed in the programme, and hence he could have left with a very low opinion of the player he was asked to watch. Luckily he was advised which was the player he was looking at. This ineptitude on the part of the club could also see them miss out on revenue should the player be signed.

All in all a pretty poor show. Which was ultimately compounded when the reporter from Football West did not check the numbers and listed them incorrectly in the match report. This is certainly no comedy of errors but a very sad indictment on the game at the highest level before players become full time professionals.

Something about a Pot and a Kettle

One thought on “Something about a Pot and a Kettle

  • July 20, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    I have had the same complaint about programs for years now, and every time I bring it up I get shot down by the clubs as saying it is not that important, that there are bigger fish to fry, exact same with squad numbers.
    What they do not realise is that this all adds to people enjoyment of the game.

    Also some of the clubs that do the right thing in trying to have a proper program, do not get the team lists from opposition teams on time and have to depend on FW to supply just names. Just not good enough.

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