Singapore Aims to Become a Sporting Hub

When one thinks of sporting nations Singapore is unlikely to feature on anyone’s list, but with a SGD1.3billion Sports Hub about to be completed in the next few months they may soon be mentioned around the world.

The Hub is being erected on an area of 30 hectares and will be home to the new 85,poo seat national stadium which has moveable tiered seating. It also will house the largest dome roof, air conditioning via solar panels and state of the art designed ventilation. There will also be an aquatics centre and a sports hall for various other indoor sporting disciplines, a museum, a library, and yes it would not be Singapore without a retail outlet.

Singapore sees itself as ideally placed to offer a packaged deal for major sporting events in Asia. This will help boost their economy and boost other areas that work hand in hand with sporting world and is there to cater for travelling sporting fans.

Already lined up are the FINA World swimming Championships and the end of year competition for the WTA (World Tennis Association).

One great thing about the complex is that local players will get to use the facilities alongside the big name stars, something hitherto unheard of around the globe. Global Spectrum Asia are the people behind the Sports Hub and they are convinced that it will be the envy of Asia. Some sceptics are not so sure.

One ting it may do is put a dent in Western Australia’s hopes of enticing major sporting events to Perth and its soon to be built new stadium which already sounds out of date by comparison. Then again if the Western Australian Government were clever they may look to form a sporting alliance so that events heading to Singapore have the option of adding Perth to their itinerary.

Singapore Aims to Become a Sporting Hub

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