Silence is Broken

Our apologies that we have been out of action for the past week, but there was a glitch with our website which lead to it disappearing for a few days.

In addition to this we received the news that the radio station which has hosted Not the Footy Show for the past eight and half years has closed its doors. This means at the current time that we will not be back on air in the foreseeable future, however we are exploring options to find the show a new home. We will keep you posted and will advise as soon as an alternative has been found.

In the meantime I would like to thank everyone who has tuned in over the past eight and a half years and over 400 shows. We have featured in excess of 75 sports and I believe have achieved our goal of giving female athletes coverage as well as many sports who struggled to get media coverage.

It has been a big commitment and a lot of hard work, and would not have been possible without the support of the following people: John Lee, Darren Harper, Dan Israel, Clint Ford, Michael Fontein, Mitch Woodcock, Anna Flanagan, Kodie Blay Ryan Cope, Olivia Vivien and Simon Orchard. Thank you everyone for your support.

Hopefully we will be back on air soon…




Silence is Broken
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