Should Merger Go Ahead?

It was back on May the 18th of 2011 that “Not the Footy Show” broke the story about Perth Glory’s intention to take over Inglewood United (“Glory in State League”) and have a team in the Western Australian State league. This now appears to be a reality.

As stated then we worried that this would be pushed through and not be given adequate thought, and it appears that this could well be the case.

“Not the Footy Show” understands that Perth Glory’s Recruitment Manager Graham Normanton will be the man at the helm with former Glory legend Bobby Despotovski involved with the coaching.

It is “Not the Footy Show’s” understanding that at the Football West AGM in December a representative of Inglewood United attending chose to say nothing on the matter when it was raised, and at a recent state league club Presidents meeting again information on how this arrangement is to work was again not forthcoming.

Having made a few phone calls “Not The Footy Show” has been advised by legal experts involved in the sporting sphere, that Football West acting on behalf of the FFA who in turn act on behalf of FIFA, have every right, and are in fact obliged to request complete disclosure as to the arrangements between the two parties before allowing the newly created ‘Inglewood Glory’ to compete.

Apparently a fully professional privately owned club buying into a semi- professional club – be it community based or otherwise – in another competition falls under the auspices of Competition Law, and all financial arrangements and structures must be disclosed to the game’s governing body, to ensure that true and perfect practice in its operations are carried out.

This makes perfect sense. This is for the protection of all concerned. It prevents the professional club putting untold pressure on young players to come and play for them with the hook of a possible full time contract. That is not good for the League, the clubs or the players concerned.

As stated back in May there is merit in this move, but it should not be rushed and for it to be accepted in 2012 is far too soon. There are many things that need to be disclosed and discussed before such a move should be accepted.

For example should the club be allowed to take its place in the State League competition when player compensation payments to those very same clubs who have developed players that they have signed have not been paid for three years?

This should certainly be a part of the agreement. The games governing body, in this case Football West should be insisting that such payments be made before the team is allowed to participate.

Such a move should not be rushed through, if it is it could cause irreparable damage to both the State League, which is already struggling, and also Perth Glory.

Let us hope that there is more discussion in the very near future and some vital issues addressed and disclosed. Otherwise this move should be put on hold for the good of the game as a whole.

Should Merger Go Ahead?

5 thoughts on “Should Merger Go Ahead?

  • January 9, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Super sub I like you worry if this gets a rubber stamp for this season. Maybe Inglewood sit out the Night Series to give all concerned time to look at everything but it should not be rushed through just to suit one party.

    Its like a talented young player if you push them through before they have had the right preparation you can kill their future. Inglewood and the league have been around too long to ruin both by pushing this through too soon.

  • January 9, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Let us be honest about this, the reasons behind it are all wrong.

    If as you say Glory has not paid development fees to the local clubs then they are looking at a way to avoid paying any development fees, and that being the case Football West the games governing body should not allow it to happen.

    Perth Glory is possibly one of the worst run clubs in the A league with an egotist at the top. Do we really want all that baggage being attached the to the State league? The two should always remain sperate.

    At least with Future Glory Nick Tana was trying to develop youth and was also giving all of the clubs revenue out of his own pocket and through playing all games away increased gates.

    I believe the CEO of Perth Glory used to play for Inglewood United as did the board member Declan Kelly, maybe you can confirm that. Doesn’t this make the whole deal very cosy.

    If the State League presidents allow this to go through without a full disclosure and due diligence having been carried out, they should all resign immediately. There is no way this should happen in 2012. It needs to be planned and worked out properly.

    Football West can show with this that they are guardians of the game and not a toothless tiger. It is time for them to stand up and be counted. Peter Hugg by all accounts is the man, but cometh the hour will he disappoint or come through?

    Finally who knows if Mr Sage will be at the Glory next season and then where does that leave the league, or has anyone thought maybe this is why this is being pushed through now, to protect certain people’s interests should he leave and a new owner be found.

  • January 6, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    Paul, personally if it goes ahead this season I fear it will be bad for the other clubs. If it is thought through properly over time and clear parameters put in place for everyone then it can work.

    All White, I think my comment above answers your first comment.

    As for the Chair of the Presidents Standing committee I am not sure, but one would have thought if he was no longer a president of a club, one of the current presidents should take on that role. Again I believe that Football West – who are charged with administering the game have a duty to ensure that these committees are run and structured correctly, however some may feel that it is up to each committee as to how they run their affairs.

    A bond would in fact be a very good idea and would see how serious everyone is.

  • January 5, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    This should not go ahead until every part of the deal is disclosed and if Football West allow it there should be questions asked why and how.

    If the club Presidents allow it then be it on their heads that the state league will suffer in the long term. I hear that Peter the ex Mandurah/Floreat President is still chairing the standing committee how can that be if he is no longer President of a club?

    Also if rumours that Perth Glory are in financial trouble are to be believed, Football West and Inglewood may be smart to ask for big bond before allowing this.

    Personally I think it stinks!

  • January 5, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    Might be good for Glory and good for Kiev but not sure how the rest of us will benefit?

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