Should He Stay?

Yesterday Perth Glory announced that they are looking to re-sign Robbie Fowler for the next Hyundai A League season 2011/12. The news has been met with mixed reactions in Perth. Tell us what you think.

Should He Stay?
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One thought on “Should He Stay?

  • January 12, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    It all depends on whether the Glory are going to come up with some sort of football philosophy or continue to believe that spending money on washed up players will get them a title?

    I say this as a MASSIVE Robbie Fowler fan, we don’t need him here for next season. His best years are long behind him and by having him here we’re having to change our style to suit him rather than creating our own style and buying players that suit it.

    Surely we could get two bright young aussie talents for the same money we are paying fowler, probably four if you throw Sterjovski into the mix.

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