Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Who would be a Sports administrator? It really is a tough job and no matter which way you turn you are never going to keep everybody happy.

As a regular reader of this site you would have seen that we recently ran a piece on the changes that state league football clubs have to comply with to remain in the league. It therefore seemed incredible to many at last night’s Bam Creative Night Series semi finals, that some of the basic requirements were not being adhered to by the governing body, Football West, in a game they were managing.

These were the semi-finals and a healthy crowd was in attendance at 6PR stadium, yet there were no ground announcements throughout both games. No one was advised who had replaced whom when substitutions happened, or who had scored in either game. In addition as the Perth v ECU Joondalup game was heading for a draw, everyone was wondering if the game would go to extra time or straight to penalties; there was nothing in the professionally produced program to tell anyone, nor was there an announcer to let the crowd know, or anyone that people could ask.

If standards are to be set, it is essential that those who set them adhere to them.

Shooting Yourself in the Foot
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