Sharing the Pain

Who would have thought that Floyd Mayweather jnr and Manny Pacquiao would suffer the pain of a defeat in the same weekend?

On the weekend Manny Pacquiao lost for the first time in seven years Floyd Mayweather was in Nevada’s Clark County Detention Centre a week into his delayed 90-day jail sentence for domestic assault.

Imagine the pain he must have gone through not being on the outside and being able to talk to the media when arch rival Manny Pacquiao lost his Welterweight World Title in a hotly disputed decision against Tim Bradley.

To add to his pain his home for the next 90 days does not have a television for the inmates to watch so he would not even have been able to sit back and watch the fight.

The one thing he may be happy about is that he is far away from all the controversy in what was again another bad night for boxing.

Pacquiao may have had a few decisions go his way in the past but this one was a travesty. Pacquiao landed nearly 100 punches more than Bradley during the bout. He also landed more punches in 10 out of the 12 rounds. Bradley was aggressive and as promised took the fight to the champion, and he did in fact throw more punches than Pacquiao. The problem however is when it comes down to judging the fight, punches landed are given more weight, especially when one fighter lands so many more than their opponent.

Both boxers will win with a rematch financially so too will the promoters, but only if the fans who paid top dollar to watch the fight do not feel they were conned and refuse to put their hands in their pockets again. Boxing has to sort these issues out and fast, as well as culling some of the World Titles so that it is once again a spectacle with meaning, Fight fans want to watch a great bout and believe the winner really did win the bout.

Sharing the Pain

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