Set Penalties for Drug Cheats?

For a long time there have been question marks over the punishments handed out to drug cheats in sport, and as is often the case in the sporting sphere, the problem lies in fact that the punishments around the globe vary in their severity.

Credit to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) in that they are trying to encourage all global sporting organisations to implement set bans for certain infringements. The problem is, are these issues ever that cut and dried? Sometimes they are for sure, but if we look at what went on in the former East Germany, many of the athletes pumped with drugs were too young to have known what they were taking, or the affects they would have on them in later life.

British cyclist David Millar, who looks likely to have his lifetime ban from the British Olympic Association overturned is on the WADA athletes committee, and he is an advocate for a four year ban for serious doping offences. However he believes that such a ban should be cut in half if the athlete confesses and identifies the suppliers.

He was quoted in The Times as saying, “It needs to happen quickly so that the powers that be can close down the entourage and sanction coaches, doctors, anyone who is involved. At the moment the buck stops with the athlete and that doesn’t prevent it happening in the future.”

What do you think of such a plan?

Set Penalties for Drug Cheats?

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