Sensible Stewards

Often attending a sporting event these days can be spoiled by over officious stewards or officials, who say they are simply doing their job, as if that is an excuse to be rude and antagonistic.

Well this weekend we witnessed two occasions where this could not have been further from the case.

First of all the Alcohol think again WA State Beach Volleyball Series held at Scarborough beach, the parking attendant came to the tournament caravan and asked if an announcement could be made stating that if people were parked in bays other than the 24 hour parking they would receive tickets. Notes stating they were playing Volleyball would not suffice. The city of Stirling official asked all concerned to move their cars before issuing any tickets. Superb community spirit and very sensible, she was a credit to her Council.

The second came at the Perth Glory Women’s League match against Sydney FC at 6PR stadium. One spectator had wandered to the main stand with a bottle of beer; outside the designated drinking area.

The security guard very subtly, with hardly anyone noticing quietly approached the gentleman, apologized for disturbing him, and then mentioned that he was not in fact allowed alcohol where he was seated and would he be so kind as to finish his drink in the designated area. No fuss, no bother the man got up and went and finished his drink.

Both of these employees were a credit to their organization and both ensured that no one’s enjoyment of the sport taking place was ruined.

Sensible Stewards

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