“Selfie” Off The Menu

A great deal seems to be being made of the fact that tennis star Maria Sharapova refused to allow a waiter in a Melbourne Cafe to take a “selfie” with her as she relaxed.

Many have said this shows how determined she is to performa well at the Australian Open after a four month lay off for a shoulder injury, but maybe it was simply that she felt it was inappropriate.

Although not quite the same situation it was the late actor Paul Newman who made the decision never to sign another autograph after he was asked while standing at the urinal in a restaurant.

Surely athletes are fair game for an autograph in and around the sporting venue where they ply their trade, but they too should be respected enough to be allowed to relax and enjoy a coffee without being expected to sign autographs or pose for photos.

It may have only been a waiter, but imagine if she had to suffer the same request whenever she went to a bank, a post office, a newsagent? It would become a little annoying. The question is who defines the boundaries? The athlete themselves are probably the best judges of that.

“Selfie” Off The Menu
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