Seeing is Not Always Believing

On the subject of Stadia it was interesting to read in last week’s Sunday Times newspaper in an article talking about how the Perth Glory may have a few problems with fixtures when NIB Stadium has to be resurfaced, that is of course if they are playing there anyway, that the costs of playing at NIB remain extremely prohibitive.

The article said “$20,000 to bring in a video screen to meet A League requirements” was one of the costs that Glory had to bear. What makes this whinge slightly harder to take is the fact that the CEO of Perth Glory is believed to be a shareholder in the company that supplies the said screen, having won the contract off a company that was linked to club Vice Chairman Lui Giuliani.

If your own staff won’t come to the party and help you cut costs or run the business more efficiently what hope do you have?

Seeing is Not Always Believing
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One thought on “Seeing is Not Always Believing

  • May 18, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    Is this any surprise? I bet there are a few more lining their own pockets via the Glory, at the expense of the fans, the players and the good name of the club.

    Tony Sage has to take responsibility as he allows this to happen and he employs these people. But does he really care about football?

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