Saying One Thing, Doing Another

Yesterday we wrote how some of Clive Palmer’s outburst had validity and that we should listen to those points that were pertinent, and look to correct these.

Interesting we received an email asking us to race the issue of coaching badges and how this has become a money making exercise for the FFA.

The FFA has a goal that all Hyundai A League coaches must have the minimum qualification of an A Licence; a couple do not possess that at the current time.

They then wish to enforce that all state league coaches must have a B Licence. A goal with merit, but they have to make it beneficial to those wishing to coach and not prohibitive. Currently the cost for a coach from Western Australia to fly to Sydney to sit the course does not make it viable, especially as there is no job security in state league coaching. These courses should be subsidized and the FFA should send trainers to the various states rather than make them fly to Sydney.

This however was not the crux of the email we received. There are we have been advised close to 20 coaches in Australia who have the highest coaching qualification, their Pro-Licence. At the conclusion of the last Pro-Licence course the attendees were advised that they would be the coaches that the FFA would be looking to fill the top jobs.

Four coaches with Pro-Licences applied for the head coach position at the AIS. All four were advised that they were not suitable for the position. It was then given to the personable Tony Vidmar, who we believe was not on the original short list. A man with outstanding pedigree as a player, but who does not have the much-talked about licences.

Obviously without being privy to the interviews we cannot comment on the merits of those who applied and Vidmar’s appointment, but once again it has caused – judging by our correspondent who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution – a great deal of ill feeling and undermined faith in the system and the need to be qualified to coach at the highest level.

Saying One Thing, Doing Another
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