Sampras Loses Memories

It was sad to read at the weekend that tennis legend Pete Sampras had lost a large number of his trophies from and extremely illustrious career. But it was amazing to hear that this priceless pieces were stolen from a public storage unit where he had stashed dozens of boxes stuffed with various memorabilia.

What is more Sampras has admitted that the boxes were uninsured as it was impossible to work out a value.

Sampras still has 13 of his 14 Grand Slam trophies, “everything else” is gone. It is doubtful that the stolen trophies will be sold on, as they will be too easily traceable. Some consolation for Sampras is that the ITF has said that if the property is not recovered, it will make sure the American gets copies of his 1992 and 1995 Davis Cup.

One has to ask why you would store such memorabilia in a public storage unit, and also have in uninsured. Game set and match to the thieves.

Sampras Loses Memories
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