Robertson Gets His Break

Last year it was a case of so close yet so far as Neil Roberston lost in the semi finals of the Snooker World Championships, and he came on “Not The Footy Show” and was frank and honest about why his career faltered and how he had managed to get it back on track.

It was therefore great to see him bounce back this year and become the first Australian to make the final since Eddie Charlton back in 1975, and become the first Australian to win since 1952. Poor old Eddie lost in two finals.

However In 1952, following a disagreement between the governing bodies, The Control Council and the Billiards Association, and some of the players, two tournaments were held. The World Matchplay event was organised by the players and was viewed by many as the “real” world championship, and it continued until 1957. Meanwhile the ‘official’ world championship only attracted two entrants in 1952, Horace Lindrum (Australia) and New Zealand’s Clark McConachy. Lindrum won and it is his name that is inscribed on the familiar trophy.

Taking that into account Roberston’s achievement is even greater than it would at first appear. Shame that the tournament and his progress received very little coverage until he had won.

Robertson Gets His Break
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