Rising to the Challenge

Sex at the Olympics has always been a favourite topic as the Games near their conclusion, and with Brazil being the land of the Samba and the Jongo a higher number of athletes rising to the occasion is expected in Rio.

These two dances have been highlighted as Samba is believed to have been derived from the word ‘semba’, which in the African Bantu language of Kimbundo signifies a navel bump. This is an invitation to dance from a man to a woman. Closely related to the Samba is the Jongo which was also brought to Brazil by the Africans and this dance is also translated as the ‘dances of the belly strike.’

Maybe because of the atmosphere expected in Brazil, and the two dances, the Olympic organisers ordered a record number of condoms for the Olympic village. A total of 450,000 condoms were ordered for the Village. This is a phenomenal about when one considers that there are 10,500 athletes competing at the Games. That works out at 42 condoms per athlete! The Games only last 15 days and one would hope that many are focussing on their events rather than nocturnal activities.

The numbers are incredible especially when one hears that Great Britain and Australia had supplies of their own flown in.

Equally incredible is the jump in numbers since London 2012 which were branded the raunchiest of Olympic Games because the British had 150,000 condoms available in the village.

Seoul in 1988 is believed to be the Games where condoms were made available to athletes in the Olympic village for the first time and there were only 8,500 made available to 8,391 athletes.

In Sydney, 12 years later there were 70,000 supplied and used up and extras were ordered.

Amazingly the IOC has not yet realised that there is a huge sponsorship opportunity right before their eyes. Then again this another activity they do not want to pay any attention to.

One thing is for sure the athletes will be looking to use them all and keep their sexual credibility at an all time high; even if the majority are used as water-bombs!

Rising to the Challenge
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