Righting a Wrong

Congratulations to the powers that be at Football West for righting the wrong that occurred at the Gold Medal dinner last year, by presenting the Western Knights’ Johnny Mirco with the McInerney Ford Gold Medal. Mirco came level on points with Steve Burton on the night and a count back was used to determine an outright winner, and because Burton had polled more maximum three votes he was deemed the winner.

Many in the game believed Mirco deserved to receive a medal if not the car, while a strong proportion felt the cutback to be flawed as by polling more votes in more games Mirco was probably the more consistent player.

Credit to Football West, they have righted a wrong and also made sure that Mirco was acknowledged in front of his piers at the launch of the 2012 State League season.

It would be nice if Football West could give some clarity at the start of the season as to how and if a count back will work if required in the future, so that everyone knows the state of play. It would also be good to see Mirco acknowledged at this year’s awards dinner as he became an almost forgotten man in 2011.

However credit must be given to the games governing body for finding the best way to acknowledge his season in 2011.

Righting a Wrong
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