Reviewing Reviews

It is amazing today how many sporting organisations come out with a Press release or a public statement that they will be carrying out a review of their operations. Many are so bold that they state that they will be carrying out the recommendations in that report once it has been completed.

However how many sporting organisation do a back flip when the report does not give them what they think they want or need?

The England and Wales Cricket Board are just one in a long line of administrators who have opted to ignore a detailed review and pursue a path they believe is right.

The Morgan Review was set up last year to look into the finances of Domestic Cricket. It was to be carried out by former ECB Chairman David Morgan. What Morgan has delivered is a report on the structure of the Domestic competition. The ECB said that it would be accepted in full or rejected in full.

It is believed amendments were recommended to the County Championship in order to be able to increase the number of T20 fixtures.

However the ECB have stated through its new Chairman, Giles Clarke, that it accepts the principles of the report, but after consumer research – that old chestnut – they need to ensure that they have “a balanced domestic playing programme which suits the lifestyles of the modern consumer and allows for the production of outstanding players with international potential playing in vibrant domestic competition.”

This would appear to be the usual garbled communique from a Chairman or CEO which means that they have no intention of following the recommendations of a review. Many in England believe where the real review needs to be happening is at grass roots and in relation to coaching in schools, but that will never happen as it would expose some real failings.

Reviewing Reviews
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