Remember Me?

Remember me may be the question that Team GB Paralympic Games footballer Michael Barker may well ask England striker Wayne Rooney. Both were born in Liverpool and although Barker is two years older than the Manchester United striker, they both attended the Everton FC academy.

Unfortunately for Barker a collision with a bus in 1998 left him disabled, yet that did not stop him pursuing his dream. This is his second Paralympics and he helped GB achieve ninth place in Beijing four years ago. He was also part of the team that won bronze at the 2010 World Cup and scored four goals against the USA. He has also won the golden boot at the 2011 Cerebral Palsy World Cup.

He may play in the Liverpool Business Houses League while Rooney battles in the Barclays Premier League, and his former team mate may have been involved in transfers worth GBP25.6 million while he has never commanded a pound, but he can boast to having 31 goals in 34 games compared to Rooney’s 29 in 76 games.

Remember Me?
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