Referee Fingered at the Wankdorf

Massimo Busacca, has of late been regarded as a top referee from the footballing powerhouse that is Switzerland. Having refereed Champions League matches he has shown that it matters not where you come from but how you do the job.

However when fans of Switzerland’s FC Baden started attacking the pitch at the Young Boys-Baden Swiss Cup match at the Wankdorf stadium his cool persona slipped. Busacca first of all asked for an announcement to be played over the loudspeaker ordering the fans from the pitch. This exacerbated the situation and resulted in the Young Boys fans to taunting him, which resulted in him losing his cool.

 As the Swiss Football Federation put it, “During Saturday’s game between FC Baden and Young Boys in the first round proper of the cup, the top level Swiss referee “gave the finger” to fans who had insulted him.” Busacca will serve a three-match for his conduct.

The official headline was “Massimo Busacca Banned for Fingering Young Boys at Wankdorf”

Referee Fingered at the Wankdorf
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