Recording History

Australians love to beat England. It doesn’t matter the sport or the event it is always goo dot put one over the former Colonial masters.

Last night Western Australia’s hockey team, The Thundersticks played against Great Britain, who are here to play the Kookaburras in a three test series starting this weekend in Pinjarra.

It would have been a highlight for many of the Western Australian players to play against an international side, and one that was virtually at full strength. It was therefore sad that the importance of the game to those fortunate to be selected was overlooked by the powers that be at Hockey WA, as there was no programme created to list the players privileged to wear the Black and Gold against Great Britain, the number four ranked team in the world.

It would also have been a great way to highlight some of the local players to those unfamiliar with the local hockey who made their way down to the Perth Hockey Stadium.

To rub salt into the wounds for those selected they beat Great Britain 1-0. Ian Burcher slapping home a penalty corner in the 12th minute. So a famous victory was recorded and no doubt all who played in the game would have loved a momento of such a game and result to tell their children and grandchildren.

Western Australia’s Thundersticks will play Great Britain again tomorrow night at the Perth Hockey Stadium at 6pm. It would be good if there was a program even on folded A4 paper for this match.

The Kookaburras will play in Narrogin at 2.30pm on Saturday and Sunday and then at the Perth Hockey Stadium on Tuesday evening at 6.30pm. This will be Hockey fans last chance to see the Kookaburras in action before the Olympic Games. Tickets are available from ticketmaster for the Test Series. For the Thundersticks games it is a Gold coin donation on the gate.

Recording History
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