Rangers Unite in Search for Glory

Stuart Munro will be Perth Glory’s assistant coach until the end of this A league season, in a move that is bound to see the club suffer yet more criticism. There will undoubtedly be comments that the Scottish mafia have infiltrated the club, but we believe finding a suitable candidate was not an easy task.

As published in the West Australian today youth team coach Gareth Naven opted to stay in his current position, and how can blame him, when he is doing such a good job and should be safe in that role from the axe that hovers above the first team coaching staff.

The position is only until the end of the current season, so again a big ask for someone to leave their job and take up the role. Only five people in Western Australia had the required A Licence, Dave Mitchell, Kenny Lowe, Gareth Naven, Andy Ord – Gareth’s youth league assistant – and ex England international Peter Withe, so the search had to go over East.

It is believed that former AIS coach Steve O’Connor was approached, but Munro was prepared to move over East in between VPL seasons to assist his former Rangers colleague. Munro has been coach of the Gippsland Falcons, Carlton S.C, Parramatta Power and South Melbourne FC in the old NSL and recently Oakleigh Cannons and Dandenong Thunder in the Victorian Premier League.

Rangers Unite in Search for Glory
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2 thoughts on “Rangers Unite in Search for Glory

  • November 18, 2010 at 10:13 am

    I have to say all I have ever heard is good about Munro, and judging by the first game, let’s hope he is just what the club needs. Thanks as always all white.

  • November 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    I reckon its a good move. He is I hear a very tactical coach and is what the club need. To adapt to certain styles. The team did that the first five games then when other teams worked them out seemed to lose confidence.
    Scottish Mafia? So what, what about the dutch mafia and the Irish that were at the FFA? People will always work with people they trust, and as long as Tony doesn’t want to shell out on an overseas coach we have to take what we can. I think Muunro will be a great acquisition

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