Ramprakash Joins Unique Club

Mark Ramprakash joined a unique club last week when he was given out “Obstructing the field.” He is only the 23rd player in first class cricket and the first in England to be given out under Law 37 in 48 years.

The 41 year old was the non striker when called for a second by Surrey team mate Jason Roy, umpire George Sharp after consulting his colleague deemed that Ramprakash had obstructed Gloucestershire’s Ian Saxelby who was trying to claim a throw from team mate Kane Williamson and run Ramprakash out.

The Surrey captain was running with his bat held out in front of him at chest height rather than the usual low position to run it into the crease and safety along the ground.

Ramprakash who has been playing for close to quarter of a century was apparently stunned and stood and discussed the decision at length before leaving the field of play.

He needn’t worry as it will no doubt soon be forgotten; I mean who remembers that Khalid Ibadulla of Warwickshire was in fact the last man to be given out under Law 37 in first class cricket in England playing against Hampshire in Coventry back in 1963!

Ramprakash Joins Unique Club
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