Qatar’s Running Partner?

Qatar being awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup has been clouded in controversy, but while many are still scratching their heads as to how they managed to pull off a victory in the hosting rights and how the tournament will be played in sweltering Summer heat, many have missed the fact that Qatar is hosting a number of other key sporting events.

They are in fact hosting the World Championships in Squash, Swimming, amateur boxing and believe it or not Athletcs.

The World’s wealthiest nation recently beat Eugene Oregon in the USA to follow London 2017 as host of the Athletics World Championships held every two years. The voting on the IAAF Executive was close with Qatar winning a 15-12 decision.

Once again conspiracy theories have raised their head. However one could say of a ‘brand’ new kind. Oregon happens to be the Global headquarters of Nike. The IAAF’s official sportswear brand is in fact non other than Nike’s archival, Adidas, who also happen to be FIFA’s long running sponsor.

Others are speculating that Athletics is facing a very tough time ahead with the yet to be named high profile British athlete failing a drug test about three months ago. If it ends up being the rumoured Superstar it will be a major blow to the IAAF event in London and to the sport globally. As well as more proof that the drug cheats are well ahead of those testing them.

There is as yet no proof of anything untoward, but a few people are drawing a long bow; whether it ever finds the target is unlikely!

Qatar’s Running Partner?
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