Putting the Boot in – Or Rather Trainer.

The modern day footballer amateur or professional will often be able to tell you more about the latest style of boot than the history of the game or the great players of yesteryear, so this story should not come as a great surprise, except for the fact it is not about boots, but trainers!

West Bromich Albion’s Ben Foster has been nicknamed the Imelda Marcos – she had over 1000 pairs of shoes – of British football after revealing that he owns no less than 300 pairs of trainers.

The news came about after Foster ridiculed Aston Villa’s Marc Albrighton for only having 60 pairs, allegedly calling him “an amateur.”

Foster admitted to being obsessive about trainers and admitted that when Nike produced a limited edition copy of the “MAGS” worn by Michael J Fox in the movie “Back to the Future” for the film’s 25th anniversary he persuaded a friend to bid on e-bay on his behalf. He eventually won them for USD6500.

We hope at that price he never lets his dog get anywhere near them!

Putting the Boot in – Or Rather Trainer.
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