Pretty in Pink?

Most sports fans are traditionalists, they do not like to see their game tampered with too much. Innovation is all very well as long as it is promoted as bringing new audiences to the game.

T20 Cricket slipped past the traditionalists because it brought the game much needed cash, although there are many who say it simply appeals to the fast food takeaway sports fan.

The Lanco Super 9’s Hockey Series in Perth was another innovation, that one would have to say was a success as a one off – which may well be repeated – alternative to the regular game. It was not vital to win, although all teams had that goal, and players could have a bit of fun, and more freedom than they would regularly have.

However how do Hockey Fans feel about the new pitch for the Olympic Games in London next year?

The Great Britain Players have no problem with the bright blue pitch with pink surround, or the fact that they will be playing with a bright yellow ball.

Richard Alexander is quoted as saying “I think the colours reflect that the sport has been revolutionized. The pitch makes it special. There will be a ‘wow’ factor when the crowds turn up.”

Let’s hope that it has the desired effect and the hockey is ultimately what wows the public.

Pretty in Pink?
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