Premiere of “Fight in the Dog”

The Rugby World Cup is well and truly underway, and it is proving to be an event that appears to have come of age. The second tier nations proving far more competitive than in pervious competitions. One wonders who far they could go with the same investment their opponents have.

On Monday 5th October the Game Sports Bar in conjunction with Ireland Western Australia Forum and the Australian Society of Sports History, Not the Footy Show’s Ashley Morrison will be screening his latest documentary, “Fight in the Dog.”

This is a rugby film with a very strong Irish connection. Wanderers Football Club in Dublin has the unique honour of being the only sporting club in the World to have produced three players who went on to play for Ireland, who also went on to be awarded the highest military honour, the Victoria Cross.

The film explores the lives of these three men, who very few rugby fans have heard of, and looks at what it was that made them into the heroes they became.

Was it rugby? Was it Wanderers?

The promotion for the film states “Fight in the Dog – because heroes come in all shapes and sizes but rarely from the same club.”

Entrance to the Game Sports Bar 90 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge for the screening on Monday 5th October is by gold coin, with proceeds going to Legacy. Arrive 6.30 for a 7pm start.

For more information check out the website Fight in the Dog

Fight in the dog open screening

Premiere of “Fight in the Dog”

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