Will Arrests Lead to Global Change?

For many football fans the arrest of FIFA officials in Zurich yesterday was the best news they had received for a very long time. Yet just like organised crime it appears that the “Godfather” of football, the man at the

Who Will Pay?

FIFA President Sepp Blatter is about to go head to head with the International Olympic Committee over the timing of the 2022 World Cup, and the fact that it’s mooted dates clash with the 2022 Winter Olympics and certain television

Champagne On Ice

If football wants to be taken seriously again it is definitely time for change at the top. Sepp Blatter’s continual inappropriate comments and unwillingness for transparency in FIFA can no longer be tolerated, as it is holding the game back.

Has FIFA shot Itself in the Foot?

As many around the world sat back and contemplated World Cups in Russia and Qatar, and others shook their heads in disbelief that their bids had been unsuccessful, Sir Keith Mills the architect of Britain’s successful Olympic bid and a

They’ve Got The World Cup Bid In Their Hands

Australia’s World cup bid will be tabled in Zurich in just over 30 days and it has been announced that Australia will be the first on stage to present their case. Meaning it will have to be absolutely superb, as