A Reason to Stay at Home

Understandably England’s cricket fans are feeling a little down at the moment. The Ashes have been lost, they are 3-0 down in the series and there are two tests still left to play, and their big name players simply have

Cricket’s One Big Test

A common trend in today’s world is for companies to bring in “specialists” to give them advice as to how they can do things better. Sporting organisations are no different. Just as coaches and athletes will look at new training

Games Without Frontiers

Over the years we have seen Politicians use Sport to gain popularity, but sport is not linked to political persuasions, and is rarely played on religious grounds. Sport is something that has the power to unite and have people put

A Real Test

Cricket is synonymous with all that is true and honest in life, or it was. ‘It’s just not cricket’ has for years referred to having something that is unjust, or just plain wrong done to someone or something. ‘To play

Are The Players Totally to Blame?

There is more money in sport today, and athletes play more games, and as a result many records from the past tumble on a regular basis. However are these records beaten by players with higher levels of skill or simply

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