Many Are Called, But The Chosen Few Must Always Stand Apart

There is an accusation levelled at the youth of today, that they want all of the trimmings of success without having to put in the hard work. This may be a fair comment to some, and regarded as harsh by

Boycotting the Cup to Survive

There is a conundrum that seems to be effecting a number of sports worldwide. The teams at the top of all sports have, often deservedly, a great deal more than those below them. More money, better players, better facilities, and

Talent and Time, the Key to Success

They say that life is about learning from your mistakes and one looks at Perth Glory and hopes that this will be the case. Some cynics will no doubt ask which mistake? The mistake in question is that of the

No F in Glory?

If you believed all the media coming out of the East coast Perth Glory’s main problem is the power being held by a group of senior players, but of course the problem is deeper and far more complex than that.

Deja Youth

Perth Glory announced today the signing of another young talented player, in under 20’s world cup player Jamie Maclaren. MacLaren has decided ‘to end his four-year spell with English club Blackburn Rovers, rejected overtures from a host of top European

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