Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The Olympic motto has always been Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for ” Faster, Higher, Stronger,” but is the latin word Maior about to be added? Maior which means “Bigger.” The FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games

Uncovering New Games

How many of you have ever heard of Mizo Inchai? No its not a person but a sport. One of the things Not the Footy has always enjoyed is finding obscure sports and featuring them on the show or the

We Should Remember Them

Mental illness in the old is appearing to be far more prevalent in modern society, and it is an incredibly cruel illness, to those who suffer it and those around them. Many British sports fans will be sad to hear

A United Front

Sport as we have shown continues to break down boundaries around the world in a way politicians can only dream about. This has been witnessed again as three unlikely allies have joined forces to try and save Wrestling from being

Another Shock Announcement

The sport of wrestling is said to not be reeling from the confession of Hulk Hogan on British television that he, like Lance Armstrong had taken drugs as a professional athlete. They also do not appear to be at all

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