World Cup 2014

Just When I Needed You Most

The Hockey Pro-League which is due to be launched in January 2019 is a competition that many believe will revolutionise international Hockey. As with any major changes in life there are those who are in favour of this new competition

Would Transfers Between A-League Clubs Avoid Player v Club Stand Offs?

It is sad to read all of the stories circulating about Perth Glory’s Rhys Williams in the past few weeks as the player looks to negotiate his way away from his hometown club. It was in April of 2016 that

A Fond Farewell to Four

There were four senior players in the A-League who played their last league matches at the weekend. Four very different individuals, at four different clubs, all with very different career paths behind them. Interestingly their departures were also incredibly different.

More Spin than Substance?

Spin is a big thing in politics and is slowly creeping into other areas of our lives, and probably never more so than the sporting arena. There were many smiles a few days ago when Frank Lowy the Chairman of

Round Pegs and Square Holes

The Crawford report gave football fans across the country hope. It promised that the game would finally fulfil its potential in Australia. Eight years on and the hope is slowly fading. The Crawford report now consigned to an almost utopian