West Australian newspaper

Twisting the Knife

Just when Western Australian Rugby Fans thought things could not get any worse it is announced that Rugby WA has gone into voluntary administration. The future of the game in WA is in serious doubt, after it was announced this

Two Into One Does Go

They say that you can’t put a square peg into a round hole, but it appears that you can put two rectangular sports into a glass box. News that Perth Glory have moved into the wonderful facility built by the

Time To Underpin Those Underpinning Football.

According to the rhetoric the National Premier Leagues are the new era of Football in Australia, it will take the game to a new level. So many cliches but very little to support the words as they float away on

It’s a Syn- dication

Syndicated news is very much the way of the world these days, but at what point does it end? Reading today’s West Australian newspaper, as usual the first three pages in from the back were all the sport we don’t

A Man Among Equals?

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and the picture of Perth Glory legend Jamie Harnwell leaving the field at NIB Stadium for the last time in last Monday’s (7 Feb 2010) West Australian newspaper may well have done

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