Don’t Be Fooled By Marketing Spin

We all know that marketers are the masters of changing facts to sell a product. There has been an advertisement airing featuring four of the Socceroos promoting the A-League sponsor and the league itself. The name of the advertisement and

Premier League Clubs to Bankroll the World Cup?

Recent reports out of Russia, the hosts of Football’s World Cup, claim that the game is on the breadline, and President Vladimir Putin has had to ask for help from two billionaires with Premier League connections. Roman Abramovich owner of

Pay Up, Pay Up and Play the Game

Is your club owed money by an A-League club for a player you developed? A number of clubs around the country have been extremely vocal in airing their annoyance that A League clubs have ignored FIFA regulations that state a

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

It is interesting to see the approaches being taken by the various teams taking part in the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine in relation to Social media. Social media is a vital form of communication to the modern generation,

Crisis, what Crisis?

There is expectation on every team at the UEFA European Championships this year, but most fans understand that only one team can win, and are resigned to the fact that their team may not make it to the final. One

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