Trying To Be Too Clever?

Football is a simple game. How many times have fans heard that said? Yet in Australia at the moment we seem to be ignoring this basic truism. Alex Brosque the Captain of Sydney FC did not hold back in an

Money Still The Priority

Despite the ongoing proceedings in the United States against former FIFA officials Football’s Governing body have been remarkably quiet. Around 40 defendants have been charged with taking more than USD$200million in bribes for TV and commercial contracts. The first to

Second Place Winner

Another great story on the true spirit of sport has just come to our attention, even though it happened on December 2. Believe it or not it has received very little coverage around the world, which is surprising. Basque athlete

Ground Rules – Part Three

Under the new requirements all club venues must be able to provide a current lighting certificate 30 days prior to the commencement of each season, the goal being that night games can be played. Each team dressing room must be